Are you one of those people who figured out how to make every new job get posted to Twitter? I have some bad news for you.

But first, let’s think this through. You have 1,000 followers across a three-state region (even if you are bigger or smaller, you’ll see this still applies). You post an IT job in one state, but because only 20% of your audience can do IT jobs and because only 30% actually live in that area, you may have alienated most of your audience.

Not to worry, because then you post a sales job to another state, but the same limits apply and only 5% of your audience is able to apply.

Do that a few more times and you will drive away everyone in your audience because it’s just easier to do a search on a job board than see all these jobs that are too far away or you aren’t qualified for.

But that’s not the bad news. If you are just pushing your jobs out to the world, Twitter probably has you listed as a spammer.

Want to check? Go use this tool* to see if Twitter has you flagged yet.

*I have no affiliation with this tool, but we’ve used it.