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It’s the Little Things: To Build a Great Employer Brand, Start Small

Lots of people think of employer brand as something “big.” They think that it requires huge budgets and that it is something expressed in Super Bowl commercials, at…

bridging the gap between consumer and employer brand

The Great Divide? Integrating your consumer and employer brands

Do your consumer brand and employer brand exist in two separate dimensions? Fostering relationships between your employer branding and marketing teams and integrating your people in your storytelling…

What’s your employer brand DNA? The secret to bringing your EVP to life

What’s your employer brand DNA? The secret to bringing your EVP to life

If you ignore the mountain of garbage science and science fiction within Jurassic Park, you can still take away a simple idea: that the tiniest DNA contains the…

Marketing People Podcast: Build Your Employer Brand with James Ellis

One hour interview with James Richter

what kind of recruiting video should I make?

What Recruiting Video Should I Make?

If you haven’t already, THIS is the year to start taking video seriously, either as a way to attract attention, build a brand, or drive applicant action. And…

difference between culture and brand image

Understanding the difference between culture and brand

Culture is a word that is used a lot these days, so much so that people seem to forget its meaning! But, according to James Ellis, “It’s real,…

Comprehensive employer brand architecture

Comprehensive Employer Brand Architecture

How leadership, culture and hiring creates your brand, position and promise It is easy to say changing one’s employer brand is difficult, that it borders on herding cats…

20 Experts Reveal How Talent Acquisition Will Change In 2019 (+ How We Can Keep Up)

2019 is the year the business gets a lot more involved with recruiting, both the processes and the tools. Recruiting tends to look at all of its problems…

employer brand pattern recognition

Smarter Employer Branding Goes Beyond Recognition

If I asked you to close your eyes and tell me what brand of soap you use, could you? Or could you kinda/sorta remember what the bottle looks…

employer brand is a business strategy

Employer Brand Isn’t a Hiring Strategy. It’s a Business Strategy.

There’s a tried and true playbook when a business faces a brand crisis: Admit the problem, give communication responsibilities to the top person, and over-correct on the solution….

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Employer Branding

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Employer Branding

At this stage, I’d wager that you’ve spent some amount of time seriously thinking about one of the two hottest topics in recruiting: artificial intelligence or employer branding….

James Ellis on the Chad & Cheese show

Interview: @TheWarForTalent aka TalentCast aka James Ellis

On a slow week that saw us celebrating America’s birthday, the boys are taking a break from the weekly rundown and chatting with The War for Talent’s James…

How Groupon Does Employer Branding

How Groupon Does Employer Branding

We’re with a Chicago-based tech company that has been through the peaks and troughs of business and now competing for the best talent with the likes of Google,…

The Fix to Your Broken Recruiting Funnel? A Different Funnel

The Fix to Your Broken Recruiting Funnel? A Different Funnel

That said, the consideration funnel has serious limitations. Seen through its lens, most recruiting and hiring problems come in two forms: “top of the funnel” issues and “holes…

how your employer brand is born

How Your Employer Brand Is Born

Understand all the elements that create and communicate your employer brand to the world. If our goal is to establish and share our employer brand, you need to…

How to Reveal Your Employer Brand

How to Reveal Your Employer Brand

Establishing an employer brand is more complicated than one might think. In recruiting, where job descriptions are becoming increasingly commoditized, how can you tell if a given job…

Employer branding

What Is (and Isn’t) Employer Brand?

For the past century, the recruiting and talent acquisition industry has hinged on the notion that a company with an open job to fill posts an advertisement for…

Strong Suit 138: How He Keeps Groupon On Candidates’ Radar

In this 20-minute interview, James reveals how to get passive job seekers – people that aren’t looking for a new job – to pursue your company. Wouldn’t that…

You Don’t Have a Recruiting Strategy, You Have A Mess

When it comes to recruitment marketing, tactical thinking is a trap. It drives you step by merciless step towards the mediocre section in the middle of the pack….

Beyond Buzzwords: A Recruiter’s Guide to Picking New Tech

Recruitment marketers and employer brand managers need a framework to evaluate new technology. It’s far too easy to be swayed by flashy features and demos only to end…

Your Talent Community Needs a Makeover (ERE Media)

I know that you’re distracted by all the cool new shiny things being offered to you right now. Snapchat looks cool. Facebook Live looks cool. Video job descriptions…

What happens when the future takes our marketing jobs

What Happens When The Future Takes Our Marketing Jobs?

This is the Inception strategy of marketing: getting people to suddenly realize they need to be interested in a thing (product, idea, industry, etc) to encourage them to…

Solving the Ten Biggest Hiring Problems (recorded webinar)

Can you trust the vendor to tell you how to solve your recruiting and hiring problems? Take this 30,000 foot view of the landscape and what solutions you…

game changing recruitment marketing tactic

The Next Big Recruitment Marketing Tactic

For a VERY long time now, recruitment marketing has been laboring under a flawed assumption. In marketing there’s a exchange: the consumer gets information about a product that…

Recruiting Is A Game Of Constraints

No recruiting team has any money, so that puts us all on an even playing field. It’s not about having more, its about doing more with what you…

How To Think Like A Consultant

  Introduction Marshall Goldsmith once wrote a book called, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.” The premise was simple: the skills that got you this job,…

employer brand planning

Your 2017 Employer Brand Planning Guide

Regardless of how you feel 2016 went, its time to get ready for 2017. To attract and persuade talent to join your organization, you need to not only…

The Talent Cast podcast logo

The Talent Cast: The Milliennials (ep001)

Our new podcast The Talent Cast is officially launched! Take a list to our first episode all about recruiting millennials.

ROI - Return on Interesting

ROI: Return On Interesting

Can you think of anything more boring than a job description? Some things come close, like the title agreement on your house or Major League Baseball’s insistence that…

ROI: Return on Interesting

Can you think of anything more boring than a job description? Some things come close, like the title agreement on your house or Major League Baseball’s insistence that…

Facebook recruiting bible

The Facebook Recruiting Bible

12 years after Facebook launched, recruitment marketing still doesn’t quite know how to think about Facebook. I still go to meetings where legacy thinking drives expectations and conversations…

Reinventing Recruiting

Reinventing Recruitment Marketing

Bit by bit, little by little, the recruitment marketing world looks less and less like it used to. You job has changed. The expectations have changed. The tools…

Are we being blinded by recruiting ROI?

A slavish devotion to ROI is a short-term solution with long-term consequences.

The New Recruitment Marketing Funnel

The recruitment funnel has changed. Have you? 

Content is crucial B2B podcast

Why Content is Crucial to Recruiting Great Talent [podcast]

Why Content is Crucial to Recruiting Great Talent