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Your Talent Community Needs a Makeover (ERE Media)

I know that you’re distracted by all the cool new shiny things being offered to you right now. Snapchat looks cool. Facebook Live looks cool. Video job descriptions…

What happens when the future takes our marketing jobs

What Happens When The Future Takes Our Marketing Jobs?

This is the Inception strategy of marketing: getting people to suddenly realize they need to be interested in a thing (product, idea, industry, etc) to encourage them to…

Solving the Ten Biggest Hiring Problems (recorded webinar)

Can you trust the vendor to tell you how to solve your recruiting and hiring problems? Take this 30,000 foot view of the landscape and what solutions you…

game changing recruitment marketing tactic

The Next Big Recruitment Marketing Tactic

For a VERY long time now, recruitment marketing has been laboring under a flawed assumption. In marketing there’s a exchange: the consumer gets information about a product that…

Recruiting Is A Game Of Constraints

No recruiting team has any money, so that puts us all on an even playing field. It’s not about having more, its about doing more with what you…

How To Think Like A Consultant

  Introduction Marshall Goldsmith once wrote a book called, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.” The premise was simple: the skills that got you this job,…

employer brand planning

Your 2017 Employer Brand Planning Guide

Regardless of how you feel 2016 went, its time to get ready for 2017. To attract and persuade talent to join your organization, you need to not only…

The Talent Cast podcast logo

The Talent Cast: The Milliennials (ep001)

Our new podcast The Talent Cast is officially launched! Take a list to our first episode all about recruiting millennials.

ROI - Return on Interesting

ROI: Return On Interesting

Can you think of anything more boring than a job description? Some things come close, like the title agreement on your house or Major League Baseball’s insistence that…

Facebook recruiting bible

The Facebook Recruiting Bible

12 years after Facebook launched, recruitment marketing still doesn’t quite know how to think about Facebook. I still go to meetings where legacy thinking drives expectations and conversations…

Reinventing Recruiting

Reinventing Recruitment Marketing

Bit by bit, little by little, the recruitment marketing world looks less and less like it used to. You job has changed. The expectations have changed. The tools…

recruiting content framework

Recruiting Content Framework

All the resources you need to develop your own content framework. Site:

Are we being blinded by recruiting ROI?

A slavish devotion to ROI is a short-term solution with long-term consequences.

The New Recruitment Marketing Funnel

The recruitment funnel has changed. Have you? 

Content is crucial B2B podcast

Why Content is Crucial to Recruiting Great Talent [podcast]

Why Content is Crucial to Recruiting Great Talent  

Report from Content Marketing World 2016

The big ideas and changing direction of content from the heart of Ohio, CMW2016.

Post It Whenever

For years, we’ve been told that there are “optimal times” to publish to social. But then the social world changed. Is it still true?

Are You Following Marketing’s Golden Rule?

Everyone Hates Your Email Marketing. Everyone.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Budgeting to Promote Jobs

Is It Time to Take Snapchat Seriously for Recruiting?

How Siri Impact the World of Job Hunting

The Unspoken Reason Recruiting Content Works

Highway to Hell: The Future of Recruiting is Terrifying.

“A note to my HR peeps out there: more regulations, more rules and more rigor is NOT the answer to slowing or stopping change – as the cliche…

Can you predict candidate quality?

As the consideration funnel gets longer (41% in the last two years by our data), we worry that this leads to more opportunities for candidates to get lost…

The Secret to Social Recruiting

Social recruiting sounds simple: take jobs, the primary currency of modern recruiting, and insert them into social channels. It’s so easy that there are dozens of bots and…

Why Hiring Is So Hard

Free ebook! The cold, hard reality is this: Recruiting great talent is getting harder each day. Bit by bit, platform by platform, degree by degree, the recruiting world…

How To Pick a Mobile Event App Infographic

Infographic: How To Pick a Mobile Event App

Ignite Chicago: The Smallest Numbers Are the Most Important

Ignite Chicago – James Ellis from IgniteChicago on Vimeo.

What Am I Gonna Do Next?



The U.S. Air Force put together this unique concept to help in their recruitment efforts. The microsite is called which targets high school students to explore career opportunities with the U.S. Air Force. The drawings and style are unlike what you would expect from the military, and the exploration is lite and fun. Students choose their own career paths that reveal humorous situations that educate them on career choices.