I know, I know. Someone told you that you need to tweet every day, or three times a day, or tens times a day. They told you that you can’t let your blog or Facebook channel get quiet, because people leave.

I call shenanigans.

Your candidates are only looking for a job for a fairly short period of time. When they show up (and thank whomever that they do), they don’t want filler and fluff. They want compelling meaningful stories and information.

Let’s pretend you’re looking for a job and you’re staring at a job description because Indeed or some other job board sent you there. You’re on the fence. You’re unsure because you don’t know enough about this job, this location or this company.

Do you think to yourself, “well, they haven’t posted on Twitter in two days, so I’m gone.”? Of course not.

Would you rather have a few dozen posts about how this company celebrates National Whatever Week or is wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day? Or would you rather read one amazing story about this company, something that tells you something more than the tagline?

I’d rather build one amazing story than a hundred fluff pieces. Which means: stop building fluff! Get off your social and content treadmill and say something that means something to someone.