The Unvarnished Truth About What The C-Suite Really Wants From Recruiting

Dear Talent Acquisition Leader,

You’ve been lied to. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

How? You were handed the reins of a talent system that doesn’t quite work anymore and told to just “keep it going.” You’ve been told that doing things the way they’ve always been done was enough. You’ve been told keeping your budgets roughly flat was enough. You’ve been given “rules” from generations ago and told they still applied.

The rest of the business world has gone through evolution after revolution and recruiting has stayed effectively the same. You gather resumes, you filter and disposition candidates (with a form letter someone wrote before you were born) to find someone who will do the job, then negotiate a price. You own a combative system that treats all candidates like charlatans and thieves, but then you expect the “winner” to become part of your family. The world has changed and you keep things going the way it’s always worked, just like you were told.

And you’ve been told, in ways both explicit and implicit, that this was okay. It’s not okay anymore.

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