Let’s say for a minute that while you as a recruiting professional are pretty darn good at your job, that your boss is pretty darn good at her job, that your sourcers are good at their jobs, and that your hiring managers are pretty darn good at their jobs … something’s not working right.

Maybe you see more and more money and tools being applied to your team, but they don’t really seem to move the needle. The level of competition is getting higher faster than your ability to meet it. You hold meetings. You take training. You watch webinars.

And you keep falling behind.

It’s not clear who you are falling behind. Maybe it would be easier to blame Google and Facebook and Amazon, but their recruiters would tell you how they are feeling the pinch just as much as you.

The struggle, as the kids would say, is real.

Since we’re pretending, let’s take it one step further. You’re in charge (congrats!). Now what? What would you do to fix things? What needs to be changed? You’re a pretty darn good recruiter surrounded by pretty darn good people and tools, so what’s the fix?

The problem, it turns out, is that you’re too good at being a recruiter.

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