You have a fixed amount of time and resources to spend telling people amazing things about yourself (activating your employer brand, as it were). So why are you wasting time on National Whatever Month?

Remember when you were a prospect? Did you ever care about that stuff? Or was it filler someone else forced you to go through to find information you needed?

Sure, there’s an argument to made that posting about #NationalNursesWeek shows how much you care about the nurses that work for you, thus attracting more nurse applicants. Actually, no there isn’t. I can post all I want around #NationalSalonAppreciationWeek. I can build a separate microsite and social ecosystem to my devotion to those who cut hair, but it doesn’t keep me from being bald. When a bald guy talks about how much he appreciates the people that cut his hair, do the words even matter?

Actions matter more than words, and when you don’t have actions, words about actions will do. Ask your nurses (to extend the example) to say something about why they chose nursing, what experience or attribute makes them successful as a nurse, what they would tell their nephew or niece about nursing if they ever considered it as a career.

You want to show how much you appreciate your nurses? Take a picture of their break room. I will bet you $20 it will make more impact than 20 tweets about #nationalnursingmonth.