When it comes to recruitment marketing, tactical thinking is a trap. It drives you step by merciless step towards the mediocre section in the middle of the pack. It nips at your heels like a small dog, encouraging you down the path paved with good tricks and hacks.

Why is that? Because tactics are for sale to anyone. Think investing in Snapchat puts you on the cutting edge? Wrong. Dozens of companies are helping thousands of companies try Snapchat. Think video job descriptions are is cutting edge? There are companies selling those services to anyone willing to pay. Tactics are for sale, so relying on them is building your house on shifting sand.

Tactics only work in service of a strategy, never for their own sake. But so many companies get so focused on telling the story of how they are leveraging this new tactic or that new tactic, they forget the core of idea of what recruiting is all about: attracting and hiring the right candidate, not just trying to spread a message far and wide. Their day to day is peppered with all those companies selling them the “next big tool in recruiting” that they never take ten seconds to think why they might need it.

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