For recruitment professionals, there are few subjects as fun to debate as the role and impact of Glassdoor. For some, Glassdoor is a breath of fresh air, bringing transparency to an industry that has long been able to hide in the shadows of “proprietary information.” For others, they see Glassdoor as a reputation terrorist, allowing anyone to anonymously impugn your good brand.

But within this argument is an assumption, one Glassdoor has spent a lot of time and resources encouraging. That assumption is that whatever you think about the company, Glassdoor’s rating is an overall rating of the company. In their mind, a company with a 3.0 score is not as good of a company as one with a 3.8 score.

This assumption has a lot of data points to support that assumption. The most interesting of which is the example of Salesforce, which uses Glassdoor ratings as a kind of Yelp to decide if it should invest.

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