What? You set up a Facebook page? Amazing! You’ve joined more than 1.4 BILLION people (many of them children) who set up a Facebook presence.

Con. Grat. U. La. Tions.

I know all you’re thinking about right now is how quickly can you grow that audience. How can you hit 1,000 fans, how you can turn them into 10,000 more, and how to become a viral sensation.

Growing followers is a fool’s errand. No one cares. What they care about is if you are going to be social on this social network, or if you’re just going to blast your jobs and press releases into it. They want to know if you’re all talk or if this is a place in which you with listen and respond (what we experts refer to as “actually being social“).

Will you respond to questions or ignore them? Will you respond to people who post negative stuff, or just delete it?

So engage with this audience and stop worrying about useless metrics. Make real fans.