The Comprehensive Talent FunnelThat said, the consideration funnel has serious limitations. Seen through its lens, most recruiting and hiring problems come in two forms: “top of the funnel” issues and “holes in the funnel” issues. Having issues hiring? Get more applications and keep them from falling out, right? Look at most recruiting tools and solutions being offered today: get some employer branding to increase awareness, train your recruiters how to use social media, build content and share it like crazy, enhance the candidate experience, etc. These are all obvious solutions when all you can see is the consideration funnel.

The biggest issue with this funnel is that the tools connected to it are resource-intensive. The funnel turns recruiting into a game of who can spend the most to attract and convince people to apply. And unless you are Google or Amazon, this is not a game you can win.

But there is another way to approach recruiting, one that sees a far-larger picture than simply getting strangers to apply. This new model takes into consideration the entire recruiting talent process to maximize your ability to bring new talent within your organization across the entire lifecycle.

This is the Comprehensive Talent Funnel.