They are horribly-written, poorly-designed, occassionally stolen from other companies, and generally pretty painful pieces of communication. In short, job descriptions suck.

But you knew that.

Every recruiter, every recruiting manager, every hiring manager I’ve ever talked to (and that list keeps getting longer) agrees.

The simple truth is that no one will fall in love with your company because of your job description.

And you want people to fall in love with your company, don’t you? You want prospects, candidates and employees who love what they do, who they do it for, and why they do it. That kind of commitment leads to lower turnover and higher productivity.

But if you expect that job description to lead to those outcomes, you are nuts. Flat out loco.

The only way to get people to get that emotional charge is to give them compelling stories of who, what and why. You need to fill up your career site with content that creates that spark of engagement.

Let me help: is your career site just your ATS? Of course not. There’s simply not enough branding, love, passion, social connections, etc on your ATS (because that’s not its job) to do any of that. That’s why you built a proper career site. But to skimp on the content and stories is to to buy a Ferrari and not fill it with gas.

So start today. Tell some stories. Get those sparks flying. Get people to fall in love.