I know the argument: there are just so many people on Facebook that you would be crazy to ignore it. 1.55 billion active users is a heck of a draw, I understand.

But there are 1.4 billion people in China, another massive audience. But if you don’t have any openings in China, who cares about the size of the audience.

I’m not saying that Facebook is worthless. I’m just saying that no one goes to Facebook to look for a job. They go to see memes, talk to friends, share funny videos, complain about politics, check family birthdays, see what people are up to, etc. Job hunting simply isn’t on that list.

So if you want to use Facebook, you need to keep that simple fact in mind: If no one goes on Facebook to look for a job, posting jobs on your Facebook channel organically is a waste of time.

Show them stories, something share-worthy. Get them interested in the company. Get them started on the path to eventually applying.

Just don’t confuse Facebook with your job site. They aren’t the same and people don’t use them the same. So don’t treat them the same.