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Facebook recruiting bible

The Facebook Recruiting Bible

12 years after Facebook launched, recruitment marketing still doesn’t quite know how to think about Facebook. I still go to meetings where legacy thinking drives expectations and conversations…

Reinventing Recruiting

Reinventing Recruitment Marketing

Bit by bit, little by little, the recruitment marketing world looks less and less like it used to. You job has changed. The expectations have changed. The tools…

Are we being blinded by recruiting ROI?

A slavish devotion to ROI is a short-term solution with long-term consequences.

The New Recruitment Marketing Funnel

The recruitment funnel has changed. Have you? 

20 Minutes to Get Smarter about Recruitment Content


Content is crucial B2B podcast

Why Content is Crucial to Recruiting Great Talent [podcast]

Why Content is Crucial to Recruiting Great Talent  

Report from Content Marketing World 2016

The big ideas and changing direction of content from the heart of Ohio, CMW2016.

Post It Whenever

For years, we’ve been told that there are “optimal times” to publish to social. But then the social world changed. Is it still true?

Are You Following Marketing’s Golden Rule?

Everyone Hates Your Email Marketing. Everyone.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Budgeting to Promote Jobs

Is It Time to Take Snapchat Seriously for Recruiting?

How Siri Impact the World of Job Hunting

The Unspoken Reason Recruiting Content Works

Highway to Hell: The Future of Recruiting is Terrifying.

“A note to my HR peeps out there: more regulations, more rules and more rigor is NOT the answer to slowing or stopping change – as the cliche…

Recruiting Content… The Book?!

Yep! Perfect for your eReader of your choice! Amazon link iTunes Link Enjoy!

Do you know what your prospects care about? #recruiting #hros

You have a fixed amount of time and resources to spend telling people amazing things about yourself (activating your employer brand, as it were). So why are you…

Do you think you have a clear #employerbrand? It depends on who you ask.

I know you think it’s clear, but your employer brand wasn’t meant for you. Go ahead. Ask the next candidate you interview to describe your employer brand. Then…

Engaging #recruiting content is often entertaining content

You know that if you had your choice between boring and dry recruiting content and engaging recruiting content, you’d choose the engaging stuff every single time. You don’t…

Why are we fighting? #recruiting

It’s just that simple. Let’s work together.

The hurdle to get people to apply is a lot higher than you think it is

I think your entire recruitment strategy would benefit a great deal if you asked this question to every idea, campaign and tactic you consider: If a prospect saw…

Recruiting content is incredibly difficult to do

Recruiting content is a complex series of processes and tools that the average talent acquisition professional won’t be able to master: Step one: Do something interesting. Step two:…

There’s a special kind of person who doesn’t think stories compel prospects to apply

I just hope that special kind of person isn’t in charge of your recruitment marketing strategy.

Why are your job descriptions so bad?

Look, the lawyers will tell you that there are things you have to put in the job description, like your EOE statement, the basic requirements of an applicant,…

You love reading ads, right? Sure, everyone does!

2016 will likely be the first year that digital ad spending slows or shrinks. Why? Because the market is flooded with ad inventory (they just keep making more,…

No one ever fell in love with a job description

They are horribly-written, poorly-designed, occassionally stolen from other companies, and generally pretty painful pieces of communication. In short, job descriptions suck. But you knew that. Every recruiter, every…

Do you not trust your staff to talk about your company?

If you don’t trust your staff to talk about your company and post reviews and interact with people online, you’ve made a pretty big mistake. You hired the…

Still on the fence about the power of #recruiting content?

Would you have seen the latest Star Wars as a memo? Can you see it as having done a billion dollars of business in two weeks if it…

Communicating a lot is not the same as communicating well

I know, I know. Someone told you that you need to tweet every day, or three times a day, or tens times a day. They told you that…

No one logs onto Facebook to apply for a job

I know the argument: there are just so many people on Facebook that you would be crazy to ignore it. 1.55 billion active users is a heck of…

The case for investing in your #employerbrand

There’s only 18 million OTHER BUSINESSES in the US (alone!) right now. I’m sure most people can identify who you are, what you do and why you are…

Proof that your job descriptions are not working

Isn’t that the way it goes? After a little light chit chat, you spend the first five minutes explaining what the job is all about? 1: Isn’t that…

Your career site deserves better than stock art

Images are amazing at delivering a huge amount of information in a split second. Looking at a picture, you can absorb space, emotion and human interactions. Look at paintings…

What’s the most important part of a career site?

Yeah, this is just the nice way to say what we talked about on Friday: Your career site needs to be useful to prospects, not to you.

What’s the purpose of your career site?

In looking at career site after career site, Your users are on your site for two reasons: apply for a job, or learn more information. Everything else is…