Recruiting content isn’t magic. It won’t make you taller, smarter or more attractive.

But it will help you rank on Google better, help you convert more people on your hardest-to-fill openings, and encourage more engagement on all your channels.

By being something that people like to read, stories that describe your company, employer brand, location or job will get more Google love. Why? If Google has more information with which to learn who you are, it will understand what searchers to show your pages to. And because they are more interesting that the legalese filling your job descriptions, they will attract people searching for more “natural” job terms than the technical ones you use in your ATS.

Content compels people who are on the fence about you to decide. If you have a job that requires more experience or needs skills that are more selective, content increases the likelihood of people applying, as much as 289%.

And finally, people don’t share jobs because the are easy to find. What they do share are interesting stories, things that illuminate your company beyond the job description. You don’t share the terms and conditions of your favorite web sites, do you? You don’t tell your friends about the amazing end user agreement of iTunes. The same thing goes for your jobs. But people love to share stories.

Not to mention the fact that content is the only thing that will attract passive candidates. Passive candidates are defined by the fact that they aren’t searching for jobs. so how else are they going to find you?