Have you ever wondered why all your prospects sound the same and look the same and write the same phrases in their resumes? It’s because they all read the same books on how to find a job. They researched “best practices” and followed along simply because they were told to by someone “who knows.”

I wonder if that’s why so many recruiters I talk to end up sounding the same, because they all listen to the same podcasts and read the same blogs, abiding by “best practices” someone delivered to them.

Maybe  in the days before roving packs of semi-tame recruiters trolled LinkedIn looking for perfect candidates recruiters could get away with that. But not any more.

The new rule of the internet is not to do it “right,” but to do it differently. Why? Because prospects see a lot of recruiters and your “best practice” sounds the same as everyone else’s. The internet has made it easy to see these tricks, and they will soon lose their power.

So go do something differently. Today. And get one step ahead of the competion.