Consider the job seeker. Forget that. Think of yourself, looking for a job. Think of the thousands of companies you could work for. You know a little about each of them, but you still have questions.

Most companies will bend over backwards to show you stock photos of smiling people without revealing anything authentic about themselves. But imagine that one company built pages and pages of text and sloppy camera-based photos to show and tell you exactly who they are. They anticipated all your questions and answered them without you having to hunt all over the web for answers.

So there you are, looking for that job and everyone is hiding who the are except for one company who is showing you as much as they can.

Who are you going to apply with?

Exactly. So don’t be one of the companies hiding their true natures behind a glossy veneer of prettiness and airbrushed perfection.

Answer their questions and they will apply.