If I asked you to close your eyes and tell me what brand of soap you use, could you? Or could you kinda/sorta remember what the bottle looks like? What about the brand of milk? What brand is your favorite pen? Do you remember the brand of TV you own?

Chances are, these brands are pretty fuzzy in your brain. What you likely remember is a general shape or color of the package, so that when it is time to get more, you go to the store and recognize the brand you use. Recognition drives most of our purchasing decisions.

Isn’t that weird? All of those companies spend money to remind you what brands you like, but you can’t recall them until you are facing a wall of unfamiliar brand names and product.

Now change the game. What happens when you stop going to the store to be faced with that wall of options but instead are going to a website to buy these things? What happens when you see a blank search bar and have to type in exactly what you want?

That same revolution is happening in the recruiting space.

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