What’s the purpose of your job?

Hang on — that wasn’t meant to be accusatory. Companies often lose sight of what recruiting is really about, so I wanted to offer a reminder. The purpose of your job is to hire people. Your job isn’t to grind through interviews, process candidates or collect applications — it’s to help your company find the talent it needs to grow and succeed.

Depending on the position and industry, the average job posting can garner anywhere from 50-200 applications. Seen another way, having to disappoint 49-199 people for every one person hired has, for some, become the cost of doing business. 

But hiring is becoming more challenging. The power has swung from the employer to the job seeker as the labor market tightens and salary data becomes more transparent. Perhaps it’s time to admit that the process of collecting so many resumes per role has become a drag on hiring — and a risk you can’t afford. 

Fortunately, these three solutions can help you gather more of the right candidates, instead of simply gathering more. This will make your job easier while building a positive employer brand.

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