I know that you’re distracted by all the cool new shiny things being offered to you right now. Snapchat looks cool. Facebook Live looks cool. Video job descriptions look cool. Realities, both augmented and virtual, look super cool. And they are.

And for whatever reason, recruitment marketing and talent acquisition have started to get serious about these tools and ideas. I don’t know if they’ve tapped into that flush marketing budget or are selling unused printers “after hours” to create a little windfall, but the conversations I am having with people in that space is all about “show me what’s cool.”

So, because I’m a bit of a contrarian, I look backwards. I see the pile of once-loved tools and tech sitting around doing very little, like a Goodwill for recruiting tech. There’s an ERP someone had to have. There’s a Google+ channel collecting dust. Oh, and that thing that autoplays a video on the homepage? No one wants that anymore.

And there, between the 2010 strategy binder and the tool that pushes your jobs to Del.icio.us is something you might have forgotten about, something that probably trumps all those cool new tools if only you’d spend a little time reinventing it.

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