Sticking a job description in a job board is a great way to get lots and lots of resumes, assuming you want resumes from entry-level kids, unqualified “it doesn’t hurt to submit” people, bots, spammers, and other less-than-useful candidates.

Job boards are a way of collecting resumes, but the quality of the pool is dropping, as good and great candidates know that a well-written LinkedIn profile is going to get them as much visibility as submitting an app to your ATS (to you a valuable tool, to them, a black hole from where no interest returns).

The world of recruiting means hunting and fishing, reaching out and drawing them in, selling and marketing. This is  world in which prospects are just too smart to fall into the traps like ATS’s and job boards.

They are just too smart for your job rec. They want more information from you and from other sources. They want visibility into the process. They want a conversation with recruiters, not just a sales pitch.

If you are relying on your various Help Wanted-era tools, are you ready to watch you talent pools dry up with the smartest and best walking to companies who treat them like valuable candidates instead of like interns? If so, have you told your boss?