Why does your spouse or significant other feel special to you? What do you do to make them feel special? Do you treat them the same way you do your neighbor, your coworkers or the guy who tells you to “sign here” at the grocery store?

Of course not. You remind people that they are special by treating them differently than you do others.

But your career site and ATS treat every intern candidate and referral from your boss as equals. Are they really?

If you think the ATS/career site handcuffs keep you from personalizing the experience, you’re missing out. Here’s how to make candidates feel more special:

  1. Use social media to target like groups of people
  2. Say something interesting to them (not to you)
  3. Link to more content that will appeal to them
  4. Give them a chance to find out more on their own before you hit them over the head with the application button

With enough good stories on your career site, your best prospects will discover their own path, learning what makes your company unique and creating an emotional connection.