GQ 2-GQ-ES01.22

GQ 2-GQ-ES01.22

The guy invented “I Want My MTV!”

He virtually invented the Tommy Hillfiger brand overnight.

He did all those Esquire covers in the 60’s that ended up in the MOMA.

He’s insane. He’s a madmen.

And George Lois might just be the greatest marketer of all time.

He turned the apple cart upside down along side the rest of the lunatics like Mary Wells Lawrence, Dan Wieden, David Kennedy and Lee Clow (go watch Art & Copy).

Or the lunatics like Tom Peters and Seth Godin and Ani DiFranco and Richard Saul Wurman and all the other rebels who hate the status quo.

We should be building employer brand messages that are not just communicating to the specified brand pillars, but be interesting, connect on an emotional level, and make people fall in love.

So I wonder, where is recruitment marketing’s Lee Clow or George Lois? Who’s the one pointing out that it’s not about channels and optimization, but about a message or idea that’s so compelling you want you shout it from the rooftops about your employer brand? Where’s our “I want my MTV!”?

I can’t be the only one who wonders, right?

Cover image lovingly stolen from TypographyShop.