So, I finally figured what I needed to do to get things rolling (That sentence has been nominated as the “Most Vague Opening Statement (Blog Category, Over-35 Year Old Division)”) and hunker down and get it done. What did I do? I wrote a book.

The New Rule of Engagement: Actionable & Effective Web 2.0 Strategy for Non-Profits is self-published through at the moment. But I’m not planning on making it available just yet. The plan is to give it away to 50 Chicago-based non-profits during the holidays and try and build awareness that all these new ideas floating through are not just for the dot-coms and the large enterprises. They can be done effectively (and in many cases better) by a non-profit with a little guts to try something new.

Once I send them out and try and create offline engagement, I’ll probably make it available as an electronic book, but I’ll have to see what my options are.

Not having written anything that substantial in many years, it was nice to see that I still know how to put these sorts of projects. I really love writing, but I tend to get caught up in the “surely someone else has thought of this” internal dialog and shut things down before they happen. And who knows, maybe this thing will die a quiet death and I’ll know that maybe I’m not as good as I think I am and have to take a new approach. But until that happens, if you know anyone in Chicago who needs a great (and published!) web strategist,  send them my way.

Oh, I also “wrote” a book called “The Perfect Notebook” which is a variety on the Muji Chonotebook (“variety” in that it uses some neat ideas it proposes and that it will be available online and not just Tokyo and NYC boutiques). Â Once things get settled, I’ll shoot and market that and see what I can make happen.