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What Content Do You Need To Recruit?

Obviously, your job descriptions – those 550-word jargon-rich and meaning-light blurbs – are not getting the job done. You can’t convince anyone who might be at all selective…

Your Prospects Don’t Trust You

I would bet that you are an honest and forthright person. You don’t cheat at Monopoly, you pay your taxes on time, you’re a decent tipper, you don’t…

The Magnifying Glass Strategy

Focusing on certain areas does not have to detract from others in your content strategy. I love talking content strategy, especially within the context of the larger talent…

Getting Prospects to Decide

Build Your Career Site Around What Really Motivates Prospects’ Decisions When someone goes on to your career site, they are thinking about making a decision. That decision you think they…

Your Last Talent Acquisition Dollar

It’s the end of the year and that means that if you aren’t thinking about the tactics for next year, you’re definitely reviewing the past year to see…

‘Would You Rather?’ The Game that Talent Acquisition Plays Every Day

“Would you rather?” is the ultimate car ride game. If you’ve never played before, it works like this: One person dares another to choose between two equally horrible…

Recycle Your Content

Take a moment and think about it: You are spending a lot of time and money preparing, strategizing and executing some sort of social media plan for your…

Seeing the Whole Picture of Digital Talent Acquisition

We spend so much of our time dwelling in the details, and in the tactics of getting our job, that sometimes we lose sight of the big picture….

The Difference Between Paid Media and Content Strategy

Focusing on a pay-per-click strategy is the fastest way to grow awareness to your brand and traffic to your site. But, like a sugar fix, doesn’t have long-lasting…

The Talent Acquisition Gym

The best digital talent acquisition tactics aren’t achieved once, they need to be repeated over and over. You don’t get fit exercizing once, you get strong and powerful going to the gym over and over. Welcome to the talent acquisition gym!

The Gap

There’s a vast gap, and it is lowering the percentage of people who accept your job offers. The gap? The gap between what you tell a prospect and…

Why Content Is Different

Content marketing for recruiting and talent acquisition isn’t like “regular” marketing, which is designed soley to drive action. Content floats around people’s personal defenses to spark new ideas and desires, like the desire to work with you. 

Less Is More: Getting More Engagement from Your Social Channels

Here’s an idea for your talent acquisition social strategy: if you try to talk to people in smaller groups, will they engage more? We looked at the data and discovered that yes, they do engage more. Some times a great deal more.

Why I Hate and Love Resumes

A modern resume is like the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup, there for a recruiter or hiring manager to look at and discern the future. A resume is the loose collection of factoids of my career thus far, facts that I choose to show hiring managers trying to translate it into a useful understanding of who I am. That’s why I hate resumes. We pretend they are something they aren’t, and they end up being like kabuki theater: I show you what I think you want to see, and you look for what isn’t there.

What’s The Most Important Page On Your Career Site?

If you think your homepage is the most important page on your career site, you are missing a huge opportunity to tell your brand story to a majority of your visitors.

Hoarding Your Talent Pool?

You are all hoarders. You work so hard to build out your talent pool, collecting the names and email addresses of potential prospects, embedding easy-to-use forms in your website and social channels – but what do you do once you have them?

Recruiting From Inside The Noise

There are four means by which your recruiting message can stand out from all that noise. They can be used individually, or they can be used in tandem to make sure your message doesn’t just stand out, but sings.

Swipe Left, Swipe Right

What happens if instead of thinking big, we start to think very very small? What if instead of collecting and considering massive amounts to data, talent acquisition just looks at a small slice of data? Sounds like what dating app hit Tinder is doing.

The Secret to Social Media Success in Talent Acquisition

There is a single idea that makes every other social media tactics and strategy far more effective, one idea that rules them all, so to speak. If you ignore it, your content will never get the engagement and action that you want.

The Power of Positioning: You Don’t Have To Be Scared of Google

In the same way that Target and Walmart show off their positioning via subtle and not-so-subtle cues within all their marketing materials, what you are saying in your job descriptions, career site, and talent acquisition collateral tells people what your position is, either for the company, the department or the role.

Does Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Really Need Social?

Social media is a channel, not a strategy. The real question is: what is on your social channel?

Facebook and Twitter: The Battle Continues

Facebook and Twitter. They are the Adam and Eve of social media. Because they’ve been around for so long, we feel like we know them so well that we can take them for granted. But we can’t. In the years since they became marketing tools, they’ve undergone a series of changes, some evolutionary, some revolutionary. Knowing who they used to be isn’t as useful as knowing who they are now, so let’s take a look at the Romulus and Remus of having a reason to stare at your phone.

The Two Rules For Better Analytics

Do a search on Google on the term “better analytics” and you’ll see 232 million results. In Amazon, there are more than a thousand books that reference better analytics. In this age of “big data” (however you define it), we all know that we are sitting on huge stockpiles of data, most of it gathering virtual dust in some analysis tool because we don’t take action. 

Understanding your Hiring Matrix

At some point, someone has probably told you about the magical number: seven plus or minus two. At it’s core is the idea that the human brain, as complex and creative as it is, can only hold onto a small number of ideas at a time. You may know a million things, but you can’t think about them all at once, just between five and nine ideas at a time.