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7 companies winning the talent fight

7 Secrets of Companies Who Are Unexpectedly Winning the Talent Fight

There are plenty of “obvious” candidates for companies who are doing amazing things to attract, hire and retain great talent within their business. They show up on the…

Influencer Marketing for Talent Acquisition

What’s Your Strategy to Engage Your Influencers? It’s the end of the year. Maybe you are taking a look around at all the work that you and your team…

Swipe Left, Swipe Right

What happens if instead of thinking big, we start to think very very small? What if instead of collecting and considering massive amounts to data, talent acquisition just looks at a small slice of data? Sounds like what dating app hit Tinder is doing.

Three Reasons to Go Responsive

Responsive web design is a framework that allows a website to work on large screen devices and small screen devices equally well. But since this advance in user experience comes with a cost, we’ve picked our favorite three reasons Talent Acquisition and HUman Resources should invest in responsive web design.

Is There Life After SEO?

While SEO is a critical element in your digital marketing strategy, there will probably come a day some time soon when everyone is properly optimized for search engines. What happens when there’s a level playing field and tricks don’t push your pages to the top of Google’s search results. So we ask, is there life after SEO?