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Attracting Top Talent: Only A Fool Competes On Price

Over at ZoomForth’s blog, we posted about how competing on salary is a fool’s errand: Establishing meaningful value for the candidate will trump high salaries more often than…

Yes, Content Can Save Job Descriptions

Job descriptions, those horribly written, barely comprehensible strings of roughly 500 words of stuff that only barely resembles reality if you squint hard, are the coin of the…

Getting Prospects to Decide

Build Your Career Site Around What Really Motivates Prospects’ Decisions When someone goes on to your career site, they are thinking about making a decision. That decision you think they…

Content Marketing Predictions for Talent Acquisition in 2015

“2015 is the year content subsumes marketing and brands realize that content is the atomic particle of every aspect of marketing.”– Shane Snow, Contently It’s old hat to…

Seeing the Whole Picture of Digital Talent Acquisition

We spend so much of our time dwelling in the details, and in the tactics of getting our job, that sometimes we lose sight of the big picture….

Why Content Is Different

Content marketing for recruiting and talent acquisition isn’t like “regular” marketing, which is designed soley to drive action. Content floats around people’s personal defenses to spark new ideas and desires, like the desire to work with you. 

Why I Hate and Love Resumes

A modern resume is like the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup, there for a recruiter or hiring manager to look at and discern the future. A resume is the loose collection of factoids of my career thus far, facts that I choose to show hiring managers trying to translate it into a useful understanding of who I am. That’s why I hate resumes. We pretend they are something they aren’t, and they end up being like kabuki theater: I show you what I think you want to see, and you look for what isn’t there.

A Tale of Two Career Sites

It was the best of times, it was worst of times according to Dickens. But Charles never had to hire top notch talent in this climate.

Is There Life After SEO?

While SEO is a critical element in your digital marketing strategy, there will probably come a day some time soon when everyone is properly optimized for search engines. What happens when there’s a level playing field and tricks don’t push your pages to the top of Google’s search results. So we ask, is there life after SEO?

Understanding your Hiring Matrix

At some point, someone has probably told you about the magical number: seven plus or minus two. At it’s core is the idea that the human brain, as complex and creative as it is, can only hold onto a small number of ideas at a time. You may know a million things, but you can’t think about them all at once, just between five and nine ideas at a time.