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The Difference Between SEO and PPC/SEM: A Military Approach

In order to attract valuable, on-target views of your job postings, you spend a lot of time and money on talent acquisition tactics. Primarily among these tactics are…

The Six Problems Content Solves for Talent Acquisition

I’ve always been a big fan of content. It keeps me informed. It gives me something to do on the train. It keeps me paying for cable. And…

Google+ Is Dead. Long Live Google+

All the rumors are swarming that Google+ is dead. And that would make a lot of sense if you thought G+ was supposed to be a Facebook replacement. It’s not. Google+ is something far bigger: a way for you influence Google’s search results.

The Two Rules For Better Analytics

Do a search on Google on the term “better analytics” and you’ll see 232 million results. In Amazon, there are more than a thousand books that reference better analytics. In this age of “big data” (however you define it), we all know that we are sitting on huge stockpiles of data, most of it gathering virtual dust in some analysis tool because we don’t take action. 

Understanding your Hiring Matrix

At some point, someone has probably told you about the magical number: seven plus or minus two. At it’s core is the idea that the human brain, as complex and creative as it is, can only hold onto a small number of ideas at a time. You may know a million things, but you can’t think about them all at once, just between five and nine ideas at a time.