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The Talent Acquisition Gym

The best digital talent acquisition tactics aren’t achieved once, they need to be repeated over and over. You don’t get fit exercizing once, you get strong and powerful going to the gym over and over. Welcome to the talent acquisition gym!

Why Content Is Different

Content marketing for recruiting and talent acquisition isn’t like “regular” marketing, which is designed soley to drive action. Content floats around people’s personal defenses to spark new ideas and desires, like the desire to work with you. 

Google+ Is Dead. Long Live Google+

All the rumors are swarming that Google+ is dead. And that would make a lot of sense if you thought G+ was supposed to be a Facebook replacement. It’s not. Google+ is something far bigger: a way for you influence Google’s search results.

We All Evolve: The Evolutionary Path for Talent Acquisition’s Social Media

Everyone in talent acquistion wants to get social media “right.” And because of that, many are scared into paralysis. But there’s is no right, only what’s good for your organization right now. Once you get involved in social media, you’ll quickly see that its an evolution and everyone you consider experts at it went through the same evolution.

Less Is More: Getting More Engagement from Your Social Channels

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Hoarding Your Talent Pool?

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The Secret to Social Media Success in Talent Acquisition

There is a single idea that makes every other social media tactics and strategy far more effective, one idea that rules them all, so to speak. If you ignore it, your content will never get the engagement and action that you want.

A Tale of Two Career Sites

It was the best of times, it was worst of times according to Dickens. But Charles never had to hire top notch talent in this climate.

Does Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Really Need Social?

Social media is a channel, not a strategy. The real question is: what is on your social channel?

Facebook and Twitter: The Battle Continues

Facebook and Twitter. They are the Adam and Eve of social media. Because they’ve been around for so long, we feel like we know them so well that we can take them for granted. But we can’t. In the years since they became marketing tools, they’ve undergone a series of changes, some evolutionary, some revolutionary. Knowing who they used to be isn’t as useful as knowing who they are now, so let’s take a look at the Romulus and Remus of having a reason to stare at your phone.

The Biggest Bang for your Talent Acquisition Buck?

There’s a low-cost way to increase the value of your website, your existing marketing channels and your recruiters. Spending a little time and energy in this one spot could be the biggest bang for your talent acquisition buck. It would make people take more notice of your jobs, encourage the right people to apply and support your employer brand. It’s your job descriptions.

Building your Talent Acquisition Content Strategy

To steal from an old joke, everyone talks about content, but no one does anything about it. More accurately, everyone frets about content for their brand, but no one really builds a strategy. A well-considered content strategy turns a bunch of random dots into a pointillist masterpiece and doesn’t have to require months of planning.

The Markets are Conversations

So you are wondering if the time is right for your company to join in on social media. Well I am sure you know that you are already participating in it whether you knew it or not. However it is not like a switch that you turn on and then you’re playing in the social playground, it’s a bit more organic than that.

Actually the second you throw a bunch of employee testimonials on youtube is not the second you are playing in the social world either. For social media to work, it has to actually BE social. Social media is about sociology not technology. What makes things social is when two or more humans can share, collaborate, build and communicate together. When the audience themselves can participate with the content in a way that establishes a conversation rather than a one-way message, you have social. Companies that approach their strategies as a person and not as a marketer understands that it is about conversations not messages.

I attended the Web 2.0 Expo last week in NY and one session jumped out. It was delivered by Joshua Porter. His session was about designing for communities in a 2.0 world. Communities are extremely important to study for they are the interactive beehives that can drive these all so important conversations. They are usually groups of people that companies would like to tap into, and since they are already neatly organized around the subject matter that glues them together, it gives companies that would like to engage with them the content that they need to build the conversation with.

In his session he pointed out several definitions of what is a community in the first place. His long version:
“When you support an activity, when you make them better at that activity, by either supporting them directly or helping them support each other, then you gain the opportunity for that group of people to call themselves a community.”

That being said he also states:
– Community is not a feature of software
– Software doesnt make comunities, people do
– You dont create communities, you cultivate them

This is important as you think about your social strategy. How will your audience participate with your story? Or is it a one way communication? What will they gain by participation and does it have the “tipping point” value that makes them share it with all of their friends? Is it contagious? Do you really need to communicate to everyone and their friends, or is it best that you hone your strategy to communicate to higher targeted talent networks?