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The Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogs

Okay, yadda yadda lots of posts about how blogs are dead for young people blah blah Twitter and Formspring yadda yadda shorter attention span et cetera et cetera…

This morning’s surprise

File under: blatant name dropping. So… This morning, Jeremiah Owyang, he of fame, dm’ed me that he thought this blog was cool. After that, Seth Godin and…

What’s Beyond Cool?

Cool used to be amazing, strange and unattainable. Why was James dean cool? Or Bob Dylan? Were they just mavericks and that makes them cool? Then why isn’t…

Been gone a little while now…

So, I finally figured what I needed to do to get things rolling (That sentence has been nominated as the “Most Vague Opening Statement (Blog Category, Over-35 Year…

Call for help: Rogue website project

Help! I’ve been mulling and talking internally (quietly) for a while about this idea I think could be a killer. But I’m not getting the interest I was…

Contemplating my navel (or: the big idea of what I do)

A year ago, I went to Brandworks Univeristy (if we had the resources this year, I’d go again as it was the best conference I’ve been to in…


Today’s definition of frustration: I brought a proposal to a client, one they didn’t expect but achieved everything they wanted to achieve, using a technology they hadn’t considered…

Hip-deep in converting 36,000 email accounts to Google

Which is why I haven’t been posting the last few weeks. I want to thank Google for being both a pain to work with and a welcome solution-provider….

It’s very strange to know that an idea you had is a great idea

Maybe I’m just from a Smiths-loving generation that rewards self-doubt and angst, but I had a great idea last week and it’s kind of a weird feeling. Most…

The Cult of Done

If you haven’t seen it, you need to: There are three states of being. Not knowing, action and completion. Accept that everything is a draft. It helps…

“we r not the same we r from twitteronia, we connect”

If it wasn’t trying to dispell that idea, why call it @comcastcares? Why not just @comcast?

The Case Against Google?

My boss thinks Google can’t survive in this model.

The day I had today

Was all about becoming frustrated (again, seemingly for little reason) over a project I see landing in my lap that I will have control and the burden of…

Multiple Personality Order

You think you only have one personality? Hahahaha! Let me show you the United States of You!

Email’s Like the Weather – everyone talks about with but no one does anything about it

Email has been with us for so long, its hard to imagine a world before it. Or after it.

My Brave Face

You think banks are scared? You should try talking to software providers

They Had a Hologram?!

Election coverage by geeks with too much money

The Internet Everywhere On Teeny Tiny Screens

I love the great outdoors… wait, I got an email.

Three Days at Web 2.0 Expo

Are we really in a golden age of data?

Oooooo… Shiny

Yes, it’s meaningful that there’s a new browser in town

Get your hands off my keyboard – there’s only 50,000 like them!

If we are all buying the same computers, can we really call them personal?

Macro to Micro at 30 frames a second


Isn’t Twittering Someone You Don’t Know Illegal in Some States?

What’s all this I hear about being social?

This is the first professional secret I will reveal

Thinking bigly about the web and systems… wait, that’s not even a word.

It makes me nuts when an organization acts like a sugar-riddled three-year-old in terms of its focus. I’m not talking about companies creating new products every week (which…

Focus Groups

Is it common for the tech people to hijack the meeting in order to sort out the issues while the other stand by and watch?