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Why Hiring Is So Hard

Free ebook! The cold, hard reality is this: Recruiting great talent is getting harder each day. Bit by bit, platform by platform, degree by degree, the recruiting world…

What Does a Recruiting Digital Strategist Do?

In this episode of the Meshworking podcast, I talk to Dustin Carper, recruiter-turned-digital strategist at TMP Worldwide. We cover a lot of ground, including the definition of digital…

The Two Ways Content Drives Recruiting (and How to Measure its Value)

If you haven’t already read how content drives awareness and engagement, take a look at some of our previous articles on the subject, including the proof that content…


Recruiting Content: Yes, You Can Win a Rigged Game

TL;DR: Not having the ability to market and pay salaries like Google and Facebook doesn’t mean you are relegated to second-tier talent. If you tell your own compelling…

Employer Branding: An Interview with Elizabeth Denson

In our first Meshworking podcast, we interview employer brand consultant Elizabeth Denson and have an interesting conversation about what an employer brand is and isn’t, uncovering the difference…

The Recruiter’s Guide to Inbound Marketing

Over at, Matthew Kosinski interviewed Meshworking’s James Ellis about new data and insights surrounding the changing world of recruiting: So it makes sense that job seekers are…


Employer Brand: No One Knows You’re Superman, Clark

Super hero comics and movies are often predicated on a simple idea: that the super hero has a secret identity no one knows about. While the world may…

content impact index

Measuring the ROI of Content: The Content Impact Index

TL;DR: The impact content has on encouraging prospects to apply is actually measurable, giving you a chance to show exactly how powerful and valuable your recruiting content is….


What Content Do You Need To Recruit?

Obviously, your job descriptions – those 550-word jargon-rich and meaning-light blurbs – are not getting the job done. You can’t convince anyone who might be at all selective…

The Magnifying Glass Strategy

Focusing on certain areas does not have to detract from others in your content strategy. I love talking content strategy, especially within the context of the larger talent…

Getting Prospects to Decide

Build Your Career Site Around What Really Motivates Prospects’ Decisions When someone goes on to your career site, they are thinking about making a decision. That decision you think they…

Five Rules to Make Your Promoted Facebook Post Matter More

By now you know that in order to reach anyone on Facebook, you need to open up your wallet. Whether it’s people in your fan base, or people…

Influencer Marketing for Talent Acquisition

What’s Your Strategy to Engage Your Influencers? It’s the end of the year. Maybe you are taking a look around at all the work that you and your team…

Seeing the Whole Picture of Digital Talent Acquisition

We spend so much of our time dwelling in the details, and in the tactics of getting our job, that sometimes we lose sight of the big picture….

Where Do Loyal Employees Come From?

If you have two candidates you could potentially give a job offer to, and they are similar in experience, age, maturity and education, is there some factor that would suggest that one candidate is more likely to stay longer than the other? 

We All Evolve: The Evolutionary Path for Talent Acquisition’s Social Media

Everyone in talent acquistion wants to get social media “right.” And because of that, many are scared into paralysis. But there’s is no right, only what’s good for your organization right now. Once you get involved in social media, you’ll quickly see that its an evolution and everyone you consider experts at it went through the same evolution.

Recruiting From Inside The Noise

There are four means by which your recruiting message can stand out from all that noise. They can be used individually, or they can be used in tandem to make sure your message doesn’t just stand out, but sings.

Swipe Left, Swipe Right

What happens if instead of thinking big, we start to think very very small? What if instead of collecting and considering massive amounts to data, talent acquisition just looks at a small slice of data? Sounds like what dating app hit Tinder is doing.

The Power of Positioning: You Don’t Have To Be Scared of Google

In the same way that Target and Walmart show off their positioning via subtle and not-so-subtle cues within all their marketing materials, what you are saying in your job descriptions, career site, and talent acquisition collateral tells people what your position is, either for the company, the department or the role.

The Biggest Bang for your Talent Acquisition Buck?

There’s a low-cost way to increase the value of your website, your existing marketing channels and your recruiters. Spending a little time and energy in this one spot could be the biggest bang for your talent acquisition buck. It would make people take more notice of your jobs, encourage the right people to apply and support your employer brand. It’s your job descriptions.

Building your Talent Acquisition Content Strategy

To steal from an old joke, everyone talks about content, but no one does anything about it. More accurately, everyone frets about content for their brand, but no one really builds a strategy. A well-considered content strategy turns a bunch of random dots into a pointillist masterpiece and doesn’t have to require months of planning.

Three Reasons to Go Responsive

Responsive web design is a framework that allows a website to work on large screen devices and small screen devices equally well. But since this advance in user experience comes with a cost, we’ve picked our favorite three reasons Talent Acquisition and HUman Resources should invest in responsive web design.

Dear HR, Your Analytics Are Lying to You

Those big numbers you see at the top of your analytics reports look, feel and smell like real information. But they aren’t. They are aggregates and averages, taking the raw materials of insight and throwing them into a blender and then hitting “puree.” What looks like information are really lies. And until you as an HR professional learn to think of them as segments, you’ll never learn anything useful about your visitors.

Understanding your Hiring Matrix

At some point, someone has probably told you about the magical number: seven plus or minus two. At it’s core is the idea that the human brain, as complex and creative as it is, can only hold onto a small number of ideas at a time. You may know a million things, but you can’t think about them all at once, just between five and nine ideas at a time.