Episode 6 of #EmployerBranding: The Inside Podcast (Season 5) is a very special one! 

We were delighted to speak with James Ellis, noted employer brand and talent strategy thinker, author, keynote speaker, and host of The Talent Cast podcast. We talked about some of the core challenges associated with the employer brand function, but also about #myths, #storytelling, human-centric #EVP, and a lot more. 

Our key takeaway is that “the employer brand is a force multiplier of recruiting”. To reap the benefits, CEOs, founders, TAs, HRs, and recruiters everywhere should admit, accept, and face a universal truth: Everybody lies! For employer branding to thrive as a new function, both companies and candidates must stop lying. 

What you’ll learn by listening

  • Employer branding: a product marketing mindset, applied to recruiting
  • Uncovering the reasons behind the slow adoption of employer branding
  • “Better” not “More”: the employer brand is a force multiplier of recruiting
  • Unpuzzling the employer brand function: start with a pilot project
  • When honesty goes a long way: every job sucks sometimes, and that’s ok!
  • Myth debunked: Good culture, bad culture. No, it’s just culture! 
  • Human-centric EVP & why does it matter? 
  • Know the differences: traditional marketing funnel vs. recruitment marketing funnel
  • Storytelling in employer branding 

Listen to the podcast here