FLIRTie-Hawks_sqLast week was pretty exciting! Not only did the Blackhawks win the championship, they swung by our office to show off Lord Stanley’s Cup (well, to be fair, they swung by a lot of offices). In that spirit, FLIRTcasting brings you links to help your celebrate wherever you are (and whatever you have to celebrate on this shortened week).

Seven facts about mobile that will blow your mind. For example, 75% of Americans take their phone to the bathroom. While surprising, that’s not as amazing as the fact that 70% of all mobile searches lead to online action within an hour. (That doesn’t include offline actions like going to the place they were searching for). Yeah, you can see why we believe in mobile as the future platform for campaigns and events.

Rethinking Conferences. Conferences are in danger of becoming completely commoditized, the same no matter where you go. If I drop-shipped you into a strange conference, you’d probably be able to navigate it blindfolded. How do you avoid the same-old, same-old when developing your next conference? You have to rethink what you want to achieve.

Ten ways to get more retweets. You may or may not be relying on social media to keep the conversation going during and after your event. But if you are utilizing social media (and you should be!), here are ten very tactical and specific tricks to help your posts get more retweets.

Front-Load Your Week. You know how those “this-is-on-fire” problems end up destroying your schedule for the week, gutting all your plans for getting real work done? You’re not alone. Here are some interesting (read: not your usual) ideas on how to get more important work done in a week with less stress.

FLIRTcasting is our collection of links from outside your normal web sources. Even if they aren’t from the event and corporate communication industry, you might find them relevant to what you’re doing and thinking.