Okay, so in the midst of my Seth Godification (I think I’ve read 4 or 5 of his books this week), I’ve realized that if I want to really get where I want to get and be who I want to be, I can’t wait for someone to swing by with the big Ed McMahon-Sized check and a job offer to be a web strategist. Â I gotta be it and just do it.

So I am going to kick-start off a series of posts (I hope — blogs are the refuge of the “good idea without follow-through” crowd sometimes) where I take a project, program, site, business or model and say what I would do with it. Â Is this back-seat strategizing? Yes. But the point is that the best solutions don’t come from one source (i.e. “Let’s sprinkle a little Web 2.0 dust on it!” or “Let’s make it open source!”), but from a system change. One change works because it is supposed by other changes.

My first one is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently: alumni travel, which is actually a bit more interesting that it’s title suggests.