Anybody even reading this? Or are you all watching the Dow? Or has it gotten to the point where it’s all so messy that we aren’t going to pay attention until Jim Cramer’s head explodes into little pieces of ticker-tape?Â

I remember 2001 when all the tech stocks dropped and we called it the “tech bubble” bursting and at the time, it was if every geek had lost his job. It wasn’t true, of course but so many people cried out that the web was dead. What happened? Well, all the geeks who were making too much money on projects for other people suddenly have the time and space to make some cool things. Like Flickr, MoveableType, Ajax, and pretty much every cool “web 2.0” tool you can think of (except Google, which started before the bust, but it was just a little search engine way back when). When the geeks got some time, they made some tools for themselves and.. well, it was pretty cool.

The same thing is going to happen on a wider scale for the next year, but locally (in the web world, anyway) we’re going to look at new ways to communicate and new ways for you to communicate with us. For example, we’ve finally enabled comments on this blog. Talk to me! Ask me questions! What should we be talking about? How can we (the WAA,, etc) be a better us?

So relax, breathe deeply, and we’ll all get through this together. In the meantime, let’s talk.