periodic table of mobile event appsAt FLIRT, we say “treat your co-worker as a consumer.” In a nutshell, this means treating even internal audience members and event attendees like they are your customers. It’s a mind-set that keeps encouraging us to put the audience in the center of our thinking.

That’s why we’re also such big fans of mobile at events. Mobile puts so much computing power in each attendee’s hands, that it shifts control slightly away from the centralized event organizer and towards the individual.  A properly implemented mobile solution is more than “just an app.” It surrounds the attendee with stimulating material and empowers them to choose to listen and engage, creating a deeper and more meaningful experience.

Mobile forces event organizers to treat the guest like a consumer, giving them what they want, when they want it in a package that is not only portable and easy to use, but more personal and therefore more powerful. That connection to their device leads to a deeper connection to the message via the device.

But this communication magic can’t happen simply by purchasing an app and offering it to attendees. That would be like buying a Porsche and assuming it will set race records on its own. A car needs fuel, maintenance, and a driver who knows how to make the car move. Without these things, it’s just a pretty piece of engineering that sits quietly in your driveway.

So how do you make the magic of mobile happen at your event? Step one is to understand all the levels at which to engage your audience. This is why we’ve put together a table that shows all the pieces laid out. It will help you understand them and their value, while illustrating to others the complexity of launching a successful app.

Take a look at the chemistry of event app solutions.