Over at pharmastrategyblog.com, the question was raised: Should Pharma/Biotech even bother with social media?

“…social media is about engagement and sharing; dealing with the challenges of unhappy patients complaining publicly online via social media puts Pharma in an awkward spot regarding how to handle issues that may arise” (misspelling are mine, as they disabled copying on the site). 

My response:

“So, you don’t think installing transparency via social media would increase the public’s ease with pharma and biotech?

“I would guess that the lack of transparency coupled with the fear that comes with any major medical issue is what causes the friction between the two groups. Which is terrible because pharma and biotech save lives. The public should see them as fire-fighters, not corporate behemoths.”

It’s going to be very hard to break through this wall together is many of us question the need to break through at all.

So here we are, on the verge of Canadian and American holiday weekends, each celebrating independence. Can those who can’t see how such tools would benefit the industry overall speak up and explain their reticence?

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