Okay, yadda yadda lots of posts about how blogs are dead for young people blah blah Twitter and Formspring yadda yadda shorter attention span et cetera et cetera crazy kids with their gizmos and widgets and so on and so on and its like a song straight out of Bye Bye Birdie (allow me to take a moment and underline how proud my mother would be that I just referenced Bye Bye Birdie, despite my not being a big musical theater fan. No, that was it. Thanks).

So yeah, blogs are dead… to kids who text. Wha?! You mean kids don’t want to read 800 words on a screen the size of half a post-it note?! You don’t say. These crazy kids and their Twittering, LiveJournaling, blogging, hip hop, punk, rock & roll, bee bop, swing jazz, dixieland, moving pictures… whatever.

Fine. I’ll buy that blogging is a dying medium when you bring me another medium that can allow 800 words published instantly, annotated perpetually, commented upon freely, spread virally, illustrated effusively, and seen publicly that costs less than free. You do that and I’ll start digging blogging’s grave. I’ll use a teaspoon.