For decades, talent-acquisition teams have been built around the idea that all talent must be found externally, over-optimizing tools and processes around the theory that the best hire is going to start as a stranger. Recruiters have been trained in a hunter-gatherer model to ignore some of their best talent sources just because they didn’t match up to that idea.

But as any student of history will tell you, civilization didn’t start until hunter-gatherers learned to farm, to focus on building a food system instead of following the herds and trying to create the big kill. 

When they began to adopt more farming models of nutrition, they planted well before they needed to eat, looked for underused land to cultivate, letting waste products serve as fertilizer for future seasons.

In the same way, talent teams need to stop sourcing for the big find and see the underused sources of talent they are currently ignoring to lower cost per hire and time to fill. Here are four audiences they should be using to do so.

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