@rohal asks if there’s anything left to talk about in digital pharma marketing. So I made a list (off the top of my head):

  • Is there a medium in which HCPs feel comfortable learning about new ideas or treatments?
  • What percentage fee comfortable learning these things in a digital medium?
  • How is that percentage shifting as new HCPs enter the market?
  • Are KOLs still a useful “go-to” in connecting to HCPs?
  • How would HCPs like to communicate to Pharma? What info and in what medium?
  • What percentage of of HCPs plan on utilizing App-Phones/Tablets into their workflow in the next 12 months?
  • Do doctors want to stay in touch with their patients via social media? Do they want to stay connected to each other?
  • What is the biggest hurdle to HCPs getting more involved in social media?
  • Do patients want insurance info via SMS or email?
  • What will draw patients to use their insurance provider’s mobile app?

Anyone have other things to talk about?